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Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

Nano Organo Peptides (NOP)

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Restoration at the Cellular Level! MF+ Nano Organo Peptides (NOP) contains cellular peptide extracts ultrafiltrated into molecules 3 nanometres in size and weighing less than 10kDA. Formulated for organ-specific nourishment, repair, and regeneration via matched molecules, revitalising the body’s crucial systems and improving overall health. Can be taken orally.

Available Set:

  • 2.5ml X 5 vials (1200mg or 3600mg – Triple Strength)
  • 2.5ml X 10 vials (1200mg – Triple Strength)

NOP is available in more than 100 tissue types. The production of uncommon peptides may be arranged on request.

*Use accordance to the recommended protocol only.

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