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NOP - Pandemic Emergency Post - Recovery Booster

NOP - Pandemic Emergency Post - Recovery Booster

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Provide Your Body with Post-Infection Strengthening with MF PLUS NOP! This powerful combination is enriched with cell extracts from Lung, Heart, Mesenchyme, Placenta, CNS & Pituitary Gland, and Adrenal Cortex, offering a comprehensive boost to the body's recovery after infection. Designed to help reduce long-term complications and promote healing, MF PLUS NOP provides the support your body needs to bounce back and restore its vital systems. Elevate your post-infection recovery with this advanced formula for optimal health and well-being.


Recovery Booster – Active Infection

Available Set:

  • 2.5ml x 5 vials
  • 2.5ml x 10 vials


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