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MO - Pandemic Emergency Post - Recovery Booster

MO - Pandemic Emergency Post - Recovery Booster

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Reinforce Your Health and Immunity Post-Infection: Even after recovering from an infection, your health and immunity may still be vulnerable. Introducing the Pandemic Post Recovery Booster, powered by MF PLUS MO with carefully selected cell extracts from Lung, Heart, Mesenchyme, Placenta, CNS & Pituitary Gland, and Adrenal Cortex. This advanced formulation is designed to support optimal recovery and reduce lingering damage or symptoms in the body. Elevate your post-infection health with the Pandemic Post Recovery Booster for comprehensive support and rejuvenation.


Recovery Booster – Post-Recovery

Available Set:

  • 2.5ml x 5 vials
  • 2.5ml x 10 vials


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